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Marine Finance

Duck-2-Water is a Licensed Credit Broker and by partnering with some of the leading UK Banks, Duck-2-Water offers a variety of competitive Marine Finance, Marine Mortgages and Boat Loans.


Due to the lack of money being lent by the banks we are temporarily only dealing with existing Customers and are no longer taking any new Marine Finance enquiries or business. Unfortunately we will not respond to any Marine Finance enquiries by phone or email.


However we would be delighted to help you with Powerboat Training or other RYA Courses.

To request a quote or apply for Marine Finance Contact Duck-2-Water to appy for a Marine Mortgage, Marine Finance or a Boat Loan

Each marine finance and mortgage we offer have their own particular benefits, please see below.

Equalised Payment Marine Mortgage:

The equalised payment marine mortgage operates with a fixed payment and variable rate options. The term of the marine mortgage simply lengthens or shortens according to the interest rate fluctuations.

Low Start Payment Marine Mortgage:

The low start marine mortgage allows a lower monthly payment for the first 12 months.

Balloon Payment Marine Mortgage:

The balloon payment mortgage enables you to reduce your initial monthly mortgage payment by deferring some of the marine finance to the end of the agreement term which is paid in one 'balloon' payment at the end of the mortgage.

If you wish to settle your marine mortgage early, then assuming your mortgage has run for over 6 month, there is no penalty. If you wish to settle your mortgage within the first 6 months, then one months interest is payable. In addition, you could pay in lump sums at any time!

Our marine finance services don't stop there. We can assist you with the whole buying process through boat registrations.

We can supply marine finance in the form of mortgages starting from £7,500 for periods of up to 15 years and we do not require a survey for boats less than 12 months old.

With all our marine mortgages an acceptance fee is payable with the first payment and the minimum deposit is usually 20%.

What Next?

You have dreamt of owning your boat for years and you are now just 10 steps away realising your dream:

  1. Select the boat you would like to purchase.
  2. Contact Duck-2-Water to discuss the options available to you and to apply for approval for your marine mortgage in principle before you start negotiating.
  3. Ensure you have agreed the price with the vendor or broker of the boat. If the boat is used, your offer should be subject to evidence of good title, which we are able to check on your behalf. If the vessel is over 12 months old, then a survey and valuation is required.
  4. Get in contact with Duck-2-Water and provided details of your intended purchase so that we can start the marine mortgage documentation. You may also wish to consider taking out Life Assurance to protect your marine mortgage.
  5. We can assist you in arrange your survey and valuation if they are required. We can provide a list of registered surveyors in your area or where the boat is berthed.
  6. Once you have received the survey details and providing that it is favourable, forward it to us.
  7. Arrange for your boat insurance policy to begin on the date of delivery. If required, we can assist you in arranging your boat insurance.
  8. We will forward your marine mortgage documents for you to sign. You must check that you are happy with all the details, sign them, and return them to us.
  9. Upon receiving the documents back from you, we will forward the requested funds directly to the vendor or broker. Once you have taken delivery of your new vessel, we will be pleased to arrange the boat's registration on your behalf. Charges for registration vary and are available on request.
  10. Your monthly marine mortgage repayments will begin a month after delivery.

For further information on the mortgages available from Duck-2-Water's partner, please

Contact Duck-2-Water for information on Marine Mortgages, Marine Finance & Loans

Marine Finance

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